What you need to pack for your skin on any holiday

Let’s be honest, packing for a trip can be fun, or it can be a nightmare. So whether you’re a business traveller, backpacker, or bon vivant, it pays to be well-versed in the art of making sure you’ve got the right essentials for a long haul flight. And it’s just as important to carry the right tools to ensure your skin remains flawless and fresh wherever you go. Follow these tips for a more streamlined suitcase and the glowing skin to match. Bon voyage.

Trefiel New You Pack

Thanks to harsh air conditioner and pressured travel elements, it’s no secret that long-haul flights can leave skin dry, flaky and looking a little worse for wear. Enter: Trefiel New You Pack. This bad boy (RRP $32.95) features 4 moisture-binding masks that will renew, replenish and lock in moisture while you jack back on the plane. You’ll emerge a glowing goddess.

Get some zzz's

Getting enough sleep is key to radiant skin, so stow away an eye mask to use when you need some serious shut eye to block out any distractions and annoying splices of window light. Zzzz.

Facial wipes

Though you may want to look gorg when you get to the airport, you definitely don’t want makeup clogging your pores, especially if you’ve got hours ahead of you. Wipe away the day with hydrating facial wipes (especially before you mask).

Ear plugs

People snoring. Kids screaming. The plane engine. Nightmare! And we all know stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Block it all out with some nifty ear plugs and you’ll be on your way to chill-land in no time.

A good book

Destress and unwind with a good novel & and a face mask. Because, let’s face it. Sometimes it can be a real bore sitting still for ours. Our picks? Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso.


So there you have it. The few basic items you need for a peaceful flight and a beautiful skin canvas. BUT… If you’re not flying off to anywhere any time soon, then have your own little staycation with our My Paradise Pamper Box – you can take the girl out of paradise, but you can’t take the paradise out of the girl!

This epic kit features 4 signature Trefiel Masks, Luxe scented tropical candles and Caimable Magnesium Spray  to help you de-stress & soothe the senses while creating your own at-home oasis. Bliss.

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