Take better care of yourself in 4 easy steps

We've put together our 4 faovurite steps for turning your me-time from okay to perfect in this blog post

Is this how you take care of yourself?

  1. Get home from a long day at work
  2. Do some chores
  3. Plop down on the couch to “rest”.

Except instead of actually resting, you watch TV, you scroll on Instagram for 45 minutes and before you know it, it’s way past your bedtime and you still feel exhausted.

Guilty? Me too.

And that’s why Michael and I are going to teach you exactly how to take care of yourself with four easy steps that will transform your pamper session from okay to perfect.

Next stop, Pamper Town

Step One

Take away your phone. Set a timer for 30 minutes, turn your phone on silent and leave it outside your room.

Step Two

Let everyone in the same space as you know that you’re having some time to yourself. Having your own space and time is important and as we always say, it’s me-time, not we-time.

Step Three

Set the scene and make sure you have everything you need to have the best me-time possible. We like to have water, snacks and candles when we take time out.

Step Four

Rest. That voice inside your head is going to tell you “you don’t have time to rest” or “you should be doing other things”. Don’t listen to it. You really can have 30 minutes to yourself if you want it.


Final Thoughts

I know making time to take care can be hard, especially making the effort to do it properly. We all feel like there are a hundred things left to do on our list and if we finish those first, then we’ll be able to relax.

Don’t fall into this trap – your list can wait, but your happiness can’t.

I want you to make the decision to put yourself first and order a New You Pack. We’ll send you four of our incredible masks and each mask represents 30 minutes of me-time. Not only will you feel incredible, but you’ll look it too – our masks are just as good for your skin as they are for your soul.

Thank you and I can’t wait to hear how you feel after masking up.

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Lucy xx

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