If you’re somewhat of a skincare-newbie, then you might be left feeling a bit confused at the amount of skincare products out there. And we don’t blame you! There are so many to choose from! It can be pretty overwhelming when you’re just starting out and trying to find the right routine for your skin. But don’t fret – we’re here to help! Here are some of our top skincare tips and a few ideas on what products you could be incorporating into your weekly routine.

Find out what’s right for you

First thing’s first, skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all. Far from it. Each and every one of us has a different skin type, so the first thing you should do when thinking about starting a new routine is find out what your skin is craving. Is it dry? Oily? Acne prone? Do some research before you start buying products to make sure whatever you use is right for you.

Keep it simple

There are tonnes of products you could apply but our biggest advice is to keep your regime simple! That way you’re more likely to stick to it and that’s the most important thing.

Daily must-have

If there’s one product you should use regularly, it’s moisturiser. It keeps your skin hydrated, can help delay the appearance of wrinkles and it can be an awesome base for makeup.

Invest in a good cleanser

If you’re on a roll and want to add something else to your daily routine then think about investing in a good cleanser. This step in your skincare regime can really help to boost your skin’s brightness because, unlike face wipes, cleanser is designed to get rid of all the grime that’s left on your face after a busy day! Cleansers will help your face become squeaky clean and will prepare it for moisturising – ideal!

If you have time

There’s no doubt about, a toner will definitely boost your routine but (if you’re only just starting out) it’s not essential. Toner absorbs excess oil and can replenish your skin with antioxidants – it’s a definite step to add in when you’ve got your routine down!

Your pamper time

To really give your skin some TLC, try using a hydro mask once a week. Use it as part of a pamper night – run a bath, get the scented candles out and indulge in your favourite magazine. Masks are the perfect way to treat your skin as they give it ultra-hydration, so you’ll be left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The list doesn’t stop there – we could go on and on about serums, clay masks, eye creams… but the most important thing in any skincare regime is to be consistent! By starting out with these simple steps, you’re more likely to stick to a regime and when you start seeing results, you can experiment even more!

What’s your favourite step in your skincare regime? Let us know in the comments below!