Trefiel went to Bali and we survived to tell the tale!

Trying to describe the last few months for Team Trefiel is going to require a number of paragraphs, so prepare yourself for a long post.

Everyone knows just how crazy Christmas can be for every business and the team was spent after a successful but busy Christmas season. We all factored in that January would be considerably quieter than December but it was surprisingly an even better month and we finished the first month of the year on a high, but absolutely exhausted.

A lot has been happening under the hood at Trefiel HQ. If you follow us on Snapchat (you absolutely should) you would know that we’ve been packing orders in our small inner-city apartment for the entire existence of Trefiel. While this was doable in the beginning, as the company grew our amount of time spent packing orders and cleaning the apartment also grew. Suddenly, we were packing for up to 6 hours a day and spending at least half that time cleaning the apartment. Something had to change, or I was going to strangle Michael.

Late last year, we started working with Australia Post to create an order fulfilment service for small businesses and we are happy to say that this service has now taken over our shipping. Wahoo! This could only mean one thing… time for a holiday!

Just kidding. We had been planning to go and shoot in Bali for months, it was just a matter of when and where (and whether Michael got to join us). We were only able to decide that Michael was coming a few days before the trip and we left Australia the day after the 50 Shades Darker premiere, which we were extremely proud to sponsor. A quick shoutout to Her Wardrobe who dressed myself and our customers in the evening. We all looked suave and I know I definitely wouldn’t have look as put together if it weren’t for Alex and her beautiful dresses.

But I digress. Bali. We were here to shoot our March ‘My Paradise’ Pamper Club box with Karen and guest photographer, Sam Andison. As far as getting the images shot and all the video we needed, the 7 days here were wonderful. We had an amazing time in Bali and really enjoyed all the food, colour and sunsets.

The beautiful thing about Bali is the contrast between beauty and poverty. You see some incredibly grand and wondrous experiences and in the same breath, you can turn around and see something horrifying. Like a man on a scooter riding off with your backpack. While you wait for your taxi to the airport. And your backpack has everything inside it – laptop, camera, wallet and passport. With all the photos and footage from the last week.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m more than ready to get home to Melbourne (currently sitting at my close friends’ incredible Institute of Code villa). But in the bittersweet feeling of losing the resulting photos of our trip away has also been mixed with a sense of intense gratitude for being able to even be alive to experience this. My company that I built sent me to Bali for a week of photoshoots and fun. Is this real life?

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