How we’re giving back to our amazing customers

Hey girls, I am back on the blog (wahoo) doing a quick summary of something important Michael and I want to share with you.

We’re about to hit a huge milestone – 10,000 women and men all over the world have bought our masks. Okay, let me stop and savour that for a moment… 10,000 is a HUGE number. With 10,000 orders comes thousands of videos, photos, reviews, private messages and emails from you, our incredible customers. There’s been so many photos and reviews that it’s become impossible to realistically share all on our social media.

Social media has played a huge part of growing our business and all of your photos and reviews have contributed to the steady growth of Trefiel. For that, we can only say thank you – thank you for buying our amazing face mask and thank you for sharing it with your friends.

Sometimes words are enough, but in this case Michael and I want to give back in a huge way to the people who believe in us, our product and our mission. This month, we’re launching the first phase of our ‘Give Back’ plan for the pioneers (that’s you) of The Self-Care Movement.

On the 15th and 30th of every month we’ll be picking a lucky lady to receive a one-month subscription to our Pamper Club. The best part is there’s no difficult rules or hoops to jump through to be apart of this, you just have to do what you do best – you. You can:

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  • Upload a photo of your pamper session (or maskie) on Instagram under #trefiel; or
  • Write a review on our Facebook page;


To get your name put into the draw. It’s lucky dip too which means no “best selfie” competitions, because ain’t nobody got time for dat. And, even better, this is open to ALL of our customers, not just our customers based in Australia.

Alright, that’s it for me today but I’ll be back very, very soon!
PS. This is the first phase of the ‘Give Back’ plan, but we have SO much more in store for you this year. Can’t wait to spoil you wonderful women like never before.

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