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Mother of four, yoga teacher and women’s wellness specialist, Samantha Doyle, is known for her ability to simplify the complex concepts of Ayurveda in a way that makes the ancient practice available and applicable to modern day living. Sami is the founder of Samantha Doyle Healthy Living, her wellness coaching business, which aims to inspire and educate women to transform their health. With 10 years experience in the industry, and personal training, nutrition and yoga certifications, Sami continues to encourage her clients to live well, be present and gain the energy they need to live a healthy, productive life. / @samanthadoyle_

My day starts with the distant screaming of my four little kids waking. Sometimes it’s screams of laughter, other times not! My one year old usually comes running in at around 6ish and destroys everything he can get his hands on. I lie their wondering if it’s worth letting him wreck stuff so I can just have another 10mins snuggling with my husband haha

So my morning’s theses days are very much based around the needs of the children… up with enough time to have a shower, wash hair, dress, make the bed. Then breaky with the family, and attempt to feed my one year old (followed by cleaning said food off all the near by surfaces). Then it’s time for our morning meditation.

We have half an hour of kirtan (devotional chanting) as a family, I play the harmonium and my husband plays the guitar, and the kids play all kinds of percussion instruments. After kirtan, I let them play outside for 30mins while I listen to a lecture or read from yoga scriptures, savouring a fresh juice or cup of tea… and then it’s time to school my kids!

Home-schooling our children is a massive challenge, but it’s a great lifestyle, and they really benefit from it. We have lot’s of flexibility with our curriculum and where and how we learn, which fits in well to our yoga lifestyle. I actually created my business around my decision to home-school, so we live a little different to the norm. I tend to work odd hours, but I also get to spend a lot of time with my kids which is pretty special.

After school, we have a home cooked meal for lunch, followed by rest time where the kids read or nap, and I take an hour to myself for some meditation. I absolutely SWEAR by meditation. It’s something I make time for everyday, and it helps keep me balanced during times of stress, and makes me happy.

Later in the afternoon I go for a walk while the kids ride bikes; we catch up on housework; do some work and prepare dinner. After getting the kids to bed at night, I have another 3hrs of work ahead of me. It used to be kind of tough to face work after a long day with the kids, but something I’ve always maintained is a bit of a routine/ritual that helps me slow down and get focused. When the kids go to bed, I shower, light candles and do some yoga-asanas or just take some down time to process the day before getting stuck into some work. I find this helps me transition from one thing to the next with fresh energy.

My work consists of a variety of things, so it’s always exciting! Teaching yoga-asana classes, wellness consulting, writing, creating, event management, and I also doing marketing for Australia’s largest non-for profit yoga school, which is pretty cool – my dream job!

I’m really strict with turning my phone off between 7pm and 7am, so always feel like I get good quality down time in the evenings. I try to be in bed by 11pm, but sometimes it ends up being more like midnight – such is life when you’re on a mission! Haha

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My best skin care tip is to be careful in the sun, stay internally hydrated, and try maintain a balanced, wholefood diet – not too much, and not too little 🙂

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I love a hot, really really hot, bath – like to the point you almost can’t handle it haha – with candles, soft kirtan playing, and a juicy anatomy or biomechanics book haha Or just a nice, long, relaxed yoga-flow.

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My secret indulgence is 70% + dark chocolate! It gives me really bad rashes on my skin though, so I can’t eat it very often haha

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