How to start a skin care routine

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Do you want to start a skin care routine but have no idea where to start? With thousands of products available for you to purchase, I definitely understand how intimidating (and expensive) it can be start one. But here’s the honest truth – you don’t need to use a lot of products to start seeing great results in just a few uses.

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Believe it or not, you don’t always need to go out and buy a fancy cleanser. Sure, they definitely have their place in a skin care routine, but they’re not always the best place to start. In fact, water can make a gentle and effective cleanser for any type of skin. Try washing your face every night before going to bed to kick-start your skin care routine.

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Some people will tell you to moisturise morning and night, but I like the whole “less is more” concept. So, take a moisturiser home with you and try using it just once a day. Even better if you do it straight after washing your face with water.

It’s hard to stay motivated with new habits, but starting with just one product is often the best way to start any skin care routine.

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This one is for the super lazy or for the indulgent, depending on how you like to look at it. Using a sheet mask once a week is the lazy woman’s secret to having beautiful skin. I like to pair a Trefiel hydromask with wine and chocolate but that’s just how I do it.

So it’s really not that hard to start a skin care routine. In fact, it’s super easy when you use sheet masks because you get to see results really quickly. Our New You Pack has 4 incredible formulas designed to help you start your skin care routine in just 30 easy minutes a week.

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