Give your goals a makeover by Leanne Mulcahy

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Leanne Mulcahy is an award-winning designer, author of Notes to Self, Founder of Stand Out Women, and Host of Life On Your Own Terms Radio. Leanne is passionate about bringing women together and sharing life lessons, both her own and from other women around the globe. She’s known for her intuitive approach to life and business and works with clients who are ready for something new…although may not be sure what that is.  Sign up at and receive a new episode of Life On Your Own Terms in your inbox every week. You can find Leanne through her social media accounts: Website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Ah the beginning of a new year. You feel refreshed. Motivated. You have a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm that you haven’t felt for a while. You’re ready for something new and fresh. It’s time for change and it’s time for you!

The start of a New Year has always been hailed as a great time to create new goals and resolutions. It’s a time of year when we’ve had an opportunity to refresh, take a holiday or have a change in routine. These breaks from our usual routine often bring with them ‘hits of inspiration’ and the desire to create change.

New Year resolutions do get a bad reputation, however, most people return to their usual routine and the feelings of excitement of change dissipates as the reality of life hits them.

I believe it’s time to reinstate faith back into setting goals and resolutions, but first we need to give them a makeover.

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I love to dispel myths so why don’t we shake things up a little. Everyone is familiar with the words goals and resolutions. But sometimes those words themselves can feel like a chore. What if you came up with your own name for them? Call them Lifetime Dreams or desires, intentions or make up something completely off the wall.

Goals come in all shapes and sizes and they are unique to you. You get to call the shots on how they look and most importantly how they feel.

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We all know that goals are notorious for being ditched once life returns to normal, but this time around that’s not going to happen.

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The first reason is that you’re not committed.

I know you really want to lose that 5kgs…but WHY?

I know you really want to find a new job….but WHY?

I know you really want to meet the man of your dreams…but WHY?

Hmmm this might seem slightly annoying to you…like a curious 3 year old who questions everything, but it’s a very important three letter question. Without it your goals have very little ‘commitment value’, they’re more like a one-night-stand rather than a long term relationship.

In the seven steps below, I’m going to show you how you can achieve whatever you desire. I use this technique myself and with clients and it’s never let any of us down.

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The other reason our goals get ditched is we set them for 12 months. I don’t know about you but 12 months is a bloody long time to have to focus on one thing! And what’s more, boredom starts to set in.

We love change, we’re evolutionary beings which is why 12 months is ridiculously long to be focussed on one thing.  Between you and me, we’re going to slash the timeframe to 90 days!

I know right! Just 90 days to achieve a 12 month goal…yes indeedy! Remember we’re changing the rules to suit us…not some archaic historian.

BUT here’s the fun part. Not only are you achieving your goals in a much shorter timeframe (that’s 9 months you’ve got up your sleeve) you can do what I like to call ‘rinse and repeat’ another 3 times throughout the year. Finally…you’ll get that momentum you’ve been looking for.

Now before we go any further, let me just tell you that this isn’t all GO, GO, GO! It’s not about cramming as much into your life as possible, rather it’s a new way to focus and take the right action. In fact what actually happens is that you slow down and make better choices and decisions (vital ingredients for living life on your terms).

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HOT TIP: Each week do a 10 minute review. Cross off the tasks you’ve completed and make sure you reward yourself no matter how small. Next review the tasks you didn’t achieve and think about why (this is about keeping yourself accountable). Did you have the right information, were the right people available, did you let someone else take up your time? Adjust your tasks and dates if required.

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Most importantly this shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should be fun and exciting, especially as you begin to cross the tasks off your list and your goal turns into reality.

If at any point this start to feel like a chore, go back to your WHY and if you need to adjust your goals and tasks to align better.

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