If it were easy to take care of yourself, would you do it more often?

93 percent of our customers feel guilty when they take care of themselves

We recently asked our customers why they didn’t take care of themselves more often. The answer rocked me – 93% don’t have time to plan anything special for themselves and when they do rest, they felt guilty because of their huge to-do list.

This made me realise how often I’ve felt the same way when I take care of myself and how important the solution we created at Trefiel could be to thousands of women around the world.

What if you could spoil yourself and feel great about it?

Picture this – you kicking back, once-a-week and doing whatever you want for 30 minutes. Imagine if while you’re doing that, you take care of your skin, indulge in a healthy treat and sip on a warm cup of tea. Imagine if you didn’t have to share this time or those treats with anyone but yourself. 

This is what it’s like to be a member of our Pamper Club

And today, I want to share all the benefits you get when you join the club.

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It’s easy

If you had more time in the day, would you plan something special for yourself or would you use it to complete more chores? When I asked myself the same question and answered it (more chores), I realised that making me-time easier solves a huge problem.

With the Pamper Club, you don’t need to plan your pamper session. You don’t need to go to the store. You don’t need to do anything except choose what day you want to take care of yourself and open your little black box which is delivered straight to your door.

It’s romantic

Every month, I sit down and think about how you might be feeling this month and what you need from Trefiel to have an incredible month. The products I include in The Pamper Club vary from month-to-month, but what’s inside always comes down to one thing – making sure you have everything you need to take care of yourself once-a-week, for 4 weeks, and feel incredible.

There’s one person on Earth thinking about you and how to spoil you. That person is me and I do everything I can to make sure you love your Pamper Club surprises (including treats you can indulge in, like the Fullfilled Co Protein Balls, without any guilt).

It’s fast

If you’ve ever thought “I don’t have time to take care of myself”, I hear you. Taking time out for yourself means you have to prioritise what’s important to you. If looking and feeling incredible is important, you’ll find time for it and if you decide The Pamper Club is the best way to do that, you’ll do it quickly.

From the time you open your box, your 30 minute timer has started. All you need to do is boil the kettle, put on a mask, make some tea and kick back with one of our decadent treats. How do you know when you’re done? Peel your mask off and if you’re glowing and hydrated, you’re good to go.

It’s customisable

Everyone’s different but more importantly, everyone’s schedule is different and you can tailor the Pamper Club so it suits your life. Do you want different masks inside? Easy. Would you like to have boxes delivered every second month? Done.

I’ve even made it possible for you to save money when you purchase 3 or 6 boxes in advance, which leads me to…

It’s affordable

When Michael and I started Trefiel, we wanted to make sure great skin care was accessible for every woman, no matter her age or income. It’s the same deal with the Pamper Club – we wanted every woman to be able to take care of herself. It works out to be $10.50 per pamper session (on the monthly plan) and you never have to lift a finger to make it happen…well, except to click Add To Cart.

We need to talk about the way you take care of yourself
I want to talk about what you're doing for yourself, every week.

Do you want to know the best way to take care of yourself?

It’s by having a commitment to yourself and making it happen. So whether that’s finding and buying great products yourself or allowing us to take care of you for you, you only have to make the decision for it to start happening. That’s really all it takes.

This month, I want to set you a challenge. I want you to make this month the month you put yourself first for once and spoil yourself with The Pamper Club. We’ll call it Love Yourself Month and to celebrate you loving yourself, I’m setting up a discount code for anyone who hasn’t tried The Pamper Club and wants to.

If you use LOVEYOURSELFMONTH at checkout before the 15 August 2017, you can have $5 off your first box on me – just because I want to see you looking and feeling incredible.

[product id=”45905″]

Thank you and I hope you’re having an amazing week.

Lucy xx

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