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6 tips to get amazing results with your skin (using only face masks)

If you've ever wondered....

  • How can I get rid of pimples?
  • How can I tighten my pores?
  • How can I get glowing skin?
  • What will make my scarring disappear?

Then this is the post for you.

I’ve used face masks to do all of this and more with my own skin and they’ve played a huge part in helping me reduce my cystic acne scarring, which is a big reason why I’m so passionate about our hydromask.

Every time I use our product, I am blown away by how powerful face masks are for keeping your skin looking its best. And while face masks are easy to use and see results with, there are a few tricks that you can learn to get even better results with your skin.

That’s what Michael and I are going to teach you today.

If you’re new to face masks, start here

This video will give you a basic run down of how to use them and a few tricks and tips for altering your session to see amazing results.

If you’ve been masking for a while, read this

There are a couple of points that require more explanation or aren’t appropriate for when you’re starting out that we wanted to include for more experienced maskers.

Do sleep with your mask on

A lot of people will say not to leave your mask on overnight because it dries out your skin. This is true for a lot of masks, but not the case for hydrogel masks like the hydromask. The hydrogel sheet (the lace part), actually creates a barrier around your skin to keep all the moisture in. Whenever I have breakouts or just a random pimple, I do this and wake up the next day with clearer-than-clear skin.

Let’s talk about re-using your masks

There are people that will say you shouldn’t re-use your masks. But I am very aware that some of our customers don’t have a huge budget to spend on skin care and buying new products all the time can be expensive. That’s why we recommend re-using your masks. We put a lot of extra serum in there so you can use it and if that means using it with the mask again, you go girl.

Final Thoughts

It seems simple, but this is how easy it is to see fast results with your skin using only face masks.

To help you speed up your routine, I’ve created a guide laying out exactly how you need to mask to see incredible results. It’s free and you can download it below.

So if you’ve never tried face masks before and you’re wondering where to start, I always recommend the New You Pack as the best product for new maskers. In it, you’ll get 4 masks (one of each of our formulas) and it’s the best way to see which formula your skin likes best.

Thank you and I hope you’re having an amazing week.

EDIT: The winner is Laura Higgins. Congratulations and good luck to everyone next time!

Lucy xx

4 thoughts on “6 tips to get amazing results with your skin (using only face masks)

  1. Elizabeth Pearce says:

    Leave the mask overnight in the fridge or 10 mins in the freezer (still in its packaging of course) before using, the coolness of the mask on your face is so refreshing! 🙂

    1. Elizabeth Pearce says:

      hahaha, I should have watched the video 1st before commenting since my tip was basically your first tip :p
      Well, my second best tip would be… if you don’t want to reuse the mask but don’t want to waste all the excess serum either, I usually rub the excess serum into my legs, hands, tummy (anywhere i can find skin!) while I’m using the face mask and use the leftover plastic mask pieces when you remove the face mask as “extra mask” for my thighs and calves :p

  2. Melinda Fonseka says:

    I am new to face masking but it is an amazinggg way to relax and destress after a hard and long day.
    Getting all my makeup off, putting my Trefiel mask on and sitting down with a movie is hands down my favourite time of the week. It honestly does help you unwind and gives you the time to uncluter what has happened during the week.

  3. Em says:

    Once a week I do my beauty routine (wash my hair, all over shave, exfoliate, face mask etc) the masks have all but cleared up my cystic acne and the scarring is definitely fading, but ingrown hairs down stairs were still a problem. With all the left over serum, i started applying it to all the shaved areas (particularly bikini line) and I haven’t had any problems with them since!

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