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The product doing the work, not you.

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Formula First

Your results from skin care depend entirely
on the quality of the ingredients your
product has. We choose premium
plant-based ingredients that help your
skin, not hurt it.

We believe skin care should be natural, but
still effective. You’ll find minimal
man-made chemicals in our formulas
and plenty of plant-based extracts
and vitamins.

Lasting Results

There’s a problem with your moisturiser –
it’s ingredients evaporate before they
can really get to work.

This is what makes our face mask different.
Our serum is locked in with your 2-piece
lace face mask. This means the longer you
wear it, the longer your skin is
benefiting from our nourishing formulas.

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We’re so confident you’ll love our masks and your results that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee – no questions asked (we mean it).

If you try our product and:

  • Don’t like it
  • Don’t like the fit of the mask
  • Don’t like the smell
  • Your husband stole them

You can contact our team and we’ll refund you. We won’t ask you questions and you won’t even have to return the product.